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CSM - November 2012: Selected Articles from Various News Papers & Journals

Selected Articles from Various News Papers & Journals

  • China is again at a fork in the road
  • Unfulfilled goal
  • Small steps forward
  • ‘Grandpa Wen’
  • Stepping up pace on the long road to TB control
  • Serological testing
  • Detecting genetic material
  • Don’t undermine the auditor
  • ‘Without fear or favour’
  • Horrifying
  • Wounded psyche, shattered trust
  • Land, the issue
  • The Pariwar’s comeuppance
  • Aid from India, coming to a country near you
  • Traditionally, marginal
  • For a U.N.-led initiative
  • A Bill that asks too much of the poor
  • Inclusive PDS
  • Impact on poverty
  • Food Security Bill
  • Myanmar Parliament passes foreign investment law
  • Why terrorists aren’t scared of sanctions
  • Don’t compromise open justice
  • Emerge by conserving energy
  • The real questions from Kudankulam
  • Pulling Assam back from the abyss
  • An opportunity, not a crisis
  • Cross-border lessons in saving lives
  • Beauty lies in the ‘domain’ of the highest bidder
  • Heat is on for thermal power too
  • Financial implications
  • Facing an inconvenient truth
  • Money does grow on trees, Prime Minister
  • ‘Think rationally about learning Hindi and it will make sense’
  • Plain speaking to Colombo
  • Controller General
  • Growth pangs
  • Fuelling a manageable price rise
  • Bailing out euro
  • Public and private
  • Mirrors and images
  • Gift of a crisis
  • Who needs a guardian?
  • Magna Carta etc
  • Not the best medicine
  • Humour is by no means exempt from prejudice
  • To know is to protect
  • Ecologically sensitive areas
  • Ability more than a seven-letter word
  • Manmohan’s sermon at Los Cabos
  • China’s star trek, steadily paced
  • A difficult journey, some difficult decisions

Courtesy-The Hindu, Indian Express