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CSM - February 2013: Selected Articles from Various News Papers & Journals


  • A step closer to Palestine
  • Media’s Leveson moment
  • In the world of foreign policy, a rare idealist
  • A fighter for lost causes
  • Bringing Moscow closer
  • His finest hour
  • His book
  • What China’s transition means for India
  • Border talks
  • ‘Pivot concerns’
  • Neither effective nor equitable
  • The scheme
  • People’s perceptions
  • Bad deal
  • Pilot or showpiece?
  • Time to clean up our game
  • No excuses for this error of judgment
  • The promise of unconditional money
  • Arming the law against gun trade
  • Who’s afraid of moral defeat?
  • Dealing with Pakistan’s brinkmanship
  • For a moratorium on death sentence
  • Lose-lose deal
  • An Indian grammar for International Studies
  • Use visa card sensibly
  • Setting an example
  • No need for hype but certainly a hope
  • End of the road for BJP in Karnataka
  • Look out for the overseas worker
  • On the art of creating fiction from reality
  • To pass biometric identification, apply Vaseline or Boroplus on fingers overnight