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CSM - May 2013: Selected Articles from Various News Papers & Journals

Selected Articles from Various Newspapers & Journals - "May 2013"

  • For the Women of India, Parliament Must Speak
  • Patently Just
  • The Dragon Gets a Bear Hug
  • Take Tamil Nadu out of Lanka Policy
  • The Great American Betrayal
  • The Long and Short of Open Defecation
  • Putting Bharat on an Equal Footing with India
  • Solidarity Sri Lanka’s Tamils can do without
  • Dangerous for Democracy
  • Why India needs to vote for U.N. resolution on Sri Lanka
  • It’s our Boat, our Courts
  • Italy redeems itself
  • Public policy is Vital to how Society Fares
  • Lesson on diplomacy, From an Iranian
  • For a Firmer Handshake with Latin America
  • From Standard to Poor
  • Growing at five per cent
  • Welcome to Closet Illiberalism
  • An abomination called AFSPA
  • Saving the Railways, for the Aam Aadmi
  • Calculating punctuality
  • Looking East, First in the Line of Sight
  • Moving beyond Defence
  • A model for the rest of India
  • A swim test in the Indian Ocean
  • Getting Ahead of the Sum of All Fears
  • Gandhi and the guerilla
  • The Risk Business Needs Better Cover
  • ‘Yes, insurance needs better cover but not with Foreign Capital’
  • A recipe for Continuing Stagflation
  • Social sector pays the price