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Civil Services Mentor Magazine: September 2013

Free Digital Magazine: Civil Services Mentor, September 2013

Issue : September 2013
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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Sports | August: 2013

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Person in News | August: 2013

Person in News


  • Roberto Azevedo
  • Shashi Kant Sharma
  • Abdul Hamid
  • Siddaramaiah
  • Dr.

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Awards and Prizes | August: 2013

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Science & Technology, Defense, Environment | August: 2013

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: India & The World | August: 2013

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Economy & Energy | August: 2013

Economy & Energy

  • Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs) to be launched
  • WPI Inflation eased to 4.89 Percent
  • CCEA approved the Same Scale of Allocation to APL Families
  • RBI directed Banks to follow Clean Note Policy

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: International Events | August : 2013

International Events

  • Nawaz Sharif’s Party PML-N got Majority
  • North Korea Test Fired Four Missiles
  • India was granted an Observer Status by Arctic Council
  • US slapped Sanctions against 4 Iranian Nuclear Supply Companies
  • Zimbab

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: National Events | August: 2013

CSM - August 2013: Selected Articles from Various News Papers & Journals

Selected Articles from Various Newspapers & Journals - "August 2013"

  • Freedom that Must have Limits
  • Restraint is the key
  • Legacy of Change through Justice
  • Lesson from an Unsettled Boundary
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • The Disconnect with Disability
  • Indigenising Defence
  • Reaping the Information Dividend through Social Media
  • Hotspot in a Spot


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