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(Article) CSM - August 2013: The Old and the New in Naya Pakistan

The Old and the New in Naya Pakistan

The victory of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party, the geographically fragmented verdict, the lack of a clear ideological distinction between the political parties in the fray and the poor showing of progressive, left wing forces – suggest that there are part things “new” and part things “old” in Pakistani politics following the election results in


(Article) CSM - August 2013: Link to a Better Relation

Link to a Better Relation

The Karakoram Pass played a significant role in the flourishing trade on the Silk Route between India-China and Central Asia. The pass was shut down and trade stopped in 1949 when Xinjiang became a part of People’s Republic of China.


(Article) CSM - August 2013: Corruption in Sports: Money at Any Cost

Corruption in Sports: Money at Any Cost

Sport is a big phenomenon of today, it is very important part of today life. However, sport is rather contradictory phenomenon. It is connected with big humanistic values and it formats life and values of billions of people on the one side. It is also connected with dirty business, doping, corruption and violence on the other side.


(Article) CSM - August 2013: The Politics of Convenience

The Politics of Convenience

In the immediate aftermath of the Boston bombing, ugly evidence emerged of how ethnic stereotyping tears apart civilisational fabric. Misdirected racist vitriol saw Indian- American Sunil Tripathi falsely named as a suspect by hordes of Reddit and Twitter users.

(Article) CSM - August 2013: Naxalism in India

Naxalism in India

The attack in southern Chhattisgarh this past May 25 has again raised questions — and some bogeys — about India’s internal conflicts and the place Maoist rebels occupy in this universe. What’s the situation? And what is likely to happen?

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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Person in News | June: 2013

Person in News


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