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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: India & The World | June: 2013

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Economy & Energy | June: 2013

Economy & Energy

  • 1083 Crore Rupees Revival Plan for HMT
  • Workshop on Green National Accounting for India
  • Changes in FTP 2009-14 to Enhance Trade and SEZs
  • Few of the important changes introduced
  • Zero Duty Ex

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: International Events | June : 2013

International Events

  • Iran began Production at Two Uranium Mines and a Yellow Cake Plant
  • Multi-billion Dollar Plan for Poverty Alleviation in Indian States
  • Syria rejected UN Proposal
  • Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act Pass

(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: National Events | June: 2013

CSM - June 2013: Selected Articles from Various News Papers & Journals

Selected Articles from Various Newspapers & Journals - "June 2013"

  • Crime and Punishment
  • Building it brick by Brick
  • New chapter, old challenges
  • Take Tamil Nadu out of Lanka policy
  • Wake-up call for the Army
  • Pains of a bailout
  • BRICS and Mortar for India’s global role
  • The past & Present of Indian Environmentalism
  • India and America, batt

(Article) CSM - June 2013: Green National Accounting System in India

Green National Accounting System in India

Government in 2011 had constituted an expert group under the chairmanship of Pratha Dasgupta from the Cambridge University to develop a framework for green national accounts, identification of data gaps and preparation of a road map for its implementation.

(Article) CSM - June 2013: Falkland Islands Dispute

Falkland Islands Dispute

Sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas in Spanish) is disputed between Argentina and the United Kingdom. The British claim to sovereignty dates from 1690, and the United Kingdom has exercised de facto sovereignty over the archipelago almost continuously since 1833.

(Article) CSM - June 2013: India Backbone Implementation Network

India Backbone Implementation Network

India has many popular movements uniting citizens against what they do not want: of which corruption is a principal element. The country also needs movements to unite citizens for what they want in their habitats and their lives, and to enable them to work together to create it. The nascent IBIN is a movement for co-creating our worlds.

(Article) CSM - June 2013: India and China: Different Game Plans for Securing Energy

India and China: Different Game Plans for Securing Energy

The much hyped energy rivalry between India and China has seemingly played a part in the new great game in Central Asia. Popular media laments India’s sluggishness in following China’s footsteps.

(Article) CSM - June 2013: National Policy for Children-2012

National Policy for Children-2012

Fundamental Rights [Article 15(3)] empowers the State to make special provisions for children.


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