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Current Affairs News for UPSC, IAS, Govt Exams

Current Affairs For IAS Exams

Dear Students,
UPSC has recently revised the syllabus for prelims. We are introducing the current affairs section for the IAS aspirants. Our effort is to make student understand the basic concepts of the section and to empower them to understand and tackle this topic in all possible aspects.

It is necessary to expend the scope of various topics within the section of current affairs because syllabus is defined in very general term. We have listed following topics, Which will cover the scope of current affairs section.

The material is prepared keeping in mind, The requirements of IAS Prelims, Mains Exams and Interview. The material is adequate for tackling the current affairs section at all levels.

Over the years, questions on current affairs has changed from just familiarity of the particular development to the historical background and in-depth knowledge of that development. Hence it is important for the candidates to understand  various aspects of Topics and   their effect on various areas.

We have tried to fulfill this requirement by preparing this Study material with help of various National and International newspapers like The Hindu, The Times of India, Indian express, Press Information Bureau etc.

This Online Course is free for every Aspirant. Your valuable suggestion and active participation will help us to improve the course and will also strengthen our motive to help you in your noble journey.


Special Material For CSAT: