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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Economy & Energy | August: 2013

Economy & Energy

  • Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs) to be launched
  • WPI Inflation eased to 4.89 Percent
  • CCEA approved the Same Scale of Allocation to APL Families
  • RBI directed Banks to follow Clean Note Policy
  • IMF approved 1.3 bn Dollars loan for Cyprus
  • Exports in India grew up by 1.6 percent in April 2013
  • CCEA approved Exchange Trade Fund for PSU stocks
  • Stronger Powers proposed to SEBI for tackling Ponzi Schemes
  • India is the largest Producer and Consumer of Chickpeas in World
  • BSE launched broad-based Islamic Equity Index
  • SC upheld 51 Percent FDI in Multi-brand Retail
  • CCEA approved Proposal to set-up 2 Major Ports
  • 21 New Textile Parks Launched
  • RBI imposed Restrictions on Gold Import by Banks
  • 325-billion Dollars Export Target Set for 2013-14
  • Foodgrains Output for 2013 Exceeded its Target
  • Backward Region Grant Fund Entitlement for Uttar Pradesh Hiked
  • IMG approved 10% Equity Sale in Coal India Limited
  • SEBI approved Kerala’s Startup Village Angel Fund of 10 million Dollars
  • NSE Launched Debt Trading Platform