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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: International Events | August : 2013

International Events

  • Nawaz Sharif’s Party PML-N got Majority
  • North Korea Test Fired Four Missiles
  • India was granted an Observer Status by Arctic Council
  • US slapped Sanctions against 4 Iranian Nuclear Supply Companies
  • Zimbabwe’s New Constitution signed into Law
  • Ireland Unveiled the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill
  • Enrico Letta is Italy’s new Prime Minister
  • Largest Biogas Plant of the World Inaugurated
  • British Parliament agreed to Outlaw Caste Discrimination
  • China exported Arms worth 11 Billion US Dollars in 5 Years
  • British Territories Signed Deal on sharing Tax Information
  • Nevada Became First US State to Legalize Online Casino
  • Maryland, First southern US state to Abolish Death Penalty
  • US Congress introduced Explosive Materials Background Check Act
  • Work on Inga Dam to Start in 2015
  • France legalise Gay Marriage
  • UN Adopted Resolution on Syria
  • Arab League agreed to Israel-Palestine Land Swap Agreement
  • Three Chinese Ships Sailed Into Senkaku Islands
  • New Gas Reserve discovered in Southern Sindh
  • Serbia and Kosovo Reached Agreement on Power-Sharing
  • 52-year-long Indebter Turkey to End its Debt
  • Unemployment Rate in Spain Reached Record High
  • Japan Concluded a Deal with UAE
  • The Law on Elimination of Violence against Women blocked in Afghanistan
  • Cuba launched Complaint against Australian Tobacco laws at WTO
  • IBSA Resolution to Empower the Women
  • State of Emergency declared in Three States of Nigeria