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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Science & Technology, Defense, Environment | August: 2013

Science & Technology, Defense, Environment

  • Bacteria can help Farmers Use less Potash
  • US Scientists Created frist Cloned Human Embryo
  • Hydrogen Sensor for Greater Safety
  • Peptide-based Delivery Platforms to cure Cancer
  • A New Type of Wheat developed to Increase Productivity
  • Camera with Compound eye-like Lenses
  • The Tibetan Plateau and the Indian Monsoon
  • IISC designed a New Concept of Vaccine Delivery System
  • Making more out of Pedal Power
  • Citrus Greening a Deadly Fruit Disease
  • World’s First Gun Made From 3D Printer Technology
  • Working of the 3D Printer Technology
  • New Less Expensive Technique of Creating 3D Images
  • First Global Model developed to analyse the Routes of Marine Species
  • Hytholamus the Mechanism Responsible for Ageing
  • Tiny Movie at Molecular Level
  • Scientists Solved the Mystery behind Bengal White Tigers
  • Robo-Fly
  • Mars Rover Studied about Rock Esperance Weathered by Water
  • IBM Released World’s Smallest Stop Motion Film Called a Boy and His Atom
  • New species of Dragonfly in Goa
  • Bilateral Mastectomy is not a Foolproof Method
  • World’s Smallest Droplets
  • First Smart RFID-Enabled Paper
  • New Keyboard Called KALQ to Beat QWERTY
  • Using Gold Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
  • Carbon Aerogel
  • Quantum Biology Mimicked in Lab
  • Bio-inspired Peptides for Gene Delivery
  • LEDs Disrupt Sleep
  • Focus on Plant Proteins to Feed Billions
  • Salt Tolerance
  • Raw Horse Gram Good for Diabetics