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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: International Events | February : 2013

International Events

  • US House of Representatives passed the Defence Bill 2013
  • Parliament in Italy dissolved
  • WHO approved Vaccine Manufacturing Practices
  • Iran Declared Extracting Complete Data from the Captured US Drone
  • UN Approved New Debate on Arm Treaty opposed by U.S. Gun Lobby
  • Queen Elizabeth Became First Peacetime British Ruler to Attend Cabinet Meeting
  • China Held largest Air Force Drill involving 100 Fighter planes
  • President Mohamed Morsi signed Egypt’s Controversial Constitution
  • European Union imposed Stiff Sanctions on Trade with Iran
  • Britain would Pull Half of its Troops from Afghanistan
  • Maldives took over Charge of Male Airport scrapping Agreement with GMR
  • Beijing was 14th Safest City in China
  • Ireland to legalise Abortions
  • Global Telecom Treaty without Net Control Signed by 89 Nations
  • Israel’s Jewish Population Passed Crucial 6 Million Mark
  • What is Holocaust?
  • Republic of Kosovo recognised by Pakistan
  • First Woman President of South Korea
  • Immigration to Britain Witnessed Biggest Fall in 20 Years
  • Paper Money to be replaced with Plastic Banknotes in UK
  • Why plastic notes can be beneficial than paper currency?
  • North Korea Launched Long Range Unha-3 Rocket
  • The United States evacuated its Embassy in the Central African Republic
  • No Religion Described Third Largest World Group