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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Economy & Energy | June: 2013

Economy & Energy

  • 1083 Crore Rupees Revival Plan for HMT
  • Workshop on Green National Accounting for India
  • Changes in FTP 2009-14 to Enhance Trade and SEZs
  • Few of the important changes introduced
  • Zero Duty Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme
  • Reduced EO for Domestic Sourcing of Capital Goods
  • Widening of Interest Subvention Scheme
  • Widening the Scope of Utilization of Duty Credit Scrip
  • Market and Product Diversification
  • Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme
  • WTO Slashed Trade Growth Forecast for 2013 to 3.3 Percent
  • Statement from World Economic Outlook Report of IMF
  • ITPO Signed a MoU with Government of India
  • Changes Implemented in IT Exports
  • 4065.81 Crore Rupees for Water Pollution Control
  • National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP)
  • National River Conservation Programme (NRCP)
  • Highlights of PMEAC Economic Review 2012-13
  • Reserve Bank of India to Start Plastic Money Project on Trial Basis
  • NEEPCO granted Miniratna– Category–1 Status
  • NEEPCO’s status after being conferred with Miniratna – Category – 1
  • List of Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna CPSEs
  • FCI Raised 5000 Crore Rupees by Issuing Taxable Bonds
  • CCEA approved Four Laning of Jorhat to Demow section of NH-37
  • CCI slapped fine of 8000 Crore rupees in 19 Cases
  • National Workshop on Grid Integration
  • CCEA Approved de-control of Sugar
  • 13 Power Projects and 25 Oil & Gas Blocks approved
  • Core Sector Growth Slumped by 2.5 Percent in February 2013
  • Indian Railways Carried 1009.73 Million Tonnes of Freight during Fiscal 2012-13
  • Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India Increased by About 3 Percent
  • Union Government achieved FY13 Revised Tax Collection Target
  • What is Direct tax?
  • What is Indirect tax?
  • CCEA approved Special Infrastructure Scheme in LWE affected States
  • Government permitted Railways to use its Land for Metro Networks