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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: International Events | June : 2013

International Events

  • Iran began Production at Two Uranium Mines and a Yellow Cake Plant
  • Multi-billion Dollar Plan for Poverty Alleviation in Indian States
  • Syria rejected UN Proposal
  • Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act Passed in US
  • What is Blasphemy?
  • China, Russia and Pakistan held talk on Afghanistan Situation
  • IMF Recognized Somalia’s New Government
  • General Elections in Malaysia scheduled to be held on 5 May
  • UNHR Chief asked US to close Guantanamo Prison Camp
  • Guantanamo Prison Camp
  • Connecticut signed Gun Control Legislation
  • China hiked its Defence Budget
  • 25th Joint Meeting of UNWTO Commissions
  • World’s Largest Private Yacht Launched by German Shipyard
  • USA Government approved Military Assistance to Somalia
  • Talks on Iran’s Nuclear Programme Ended without Agreement
  • Two Tribal Women to Contest Polls for the First Time in Pakistan
  • Amended Marriage Equality Bill 2013 Passed in Uruguay
  • European Union tightened up Bank Lending Rules and Bonuses
  • Under CRD 4
  • China Announced Sightseeing Cruises to Disputed Paracel Islands
  • Paracel Islands Dispute
  • Result of Venezuela’s Presidential Election Declared
  • Visa on Arrival facility for Senior Citizens of Pakistan