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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Science & Technology, Defense, Environment | June: 2013

Science & Technology, Defense, Environment

  • Device to detect Gastro-Intestinal Cancers
  • Kepler Mission Discovered 2 Earth-Like Planets
  • H7N9 silently spreads in humans and birds
  • The Plan to Build World’s largest Telescope approved by the US Government
  • A Giant Galaxy called HFLS3 discovered
  • UK Scientists produced a Disease-Resistant Piglet called Pig-26
  • India and US agreed for Future Cooperation in Moon and Mars Missions
  • Researchers Found Gene Mutation Associated With Fatal Prostate Cancer
  • US Government launched a New Research Initiative Called BRAIN
  • Hobbit Humans Had Larger Brains Than Estimated: Research
  • Heaviest Rocket Launch in 2014: ISRO
  • High Level Working Group Presented Report on Western Ghats to MoEF
  • Sea Ice of Antarctica Increasing Despite Warming Global Climate: Study
  • Researchers Successfully Transplanted a Bio-Engineered Kidney in Rat
  • Saving Australia’s marine biodiversity
  • Nuclear Capable Agni-II Missile was Successfully Test-Fired
  • Italian Archeologists Discovered the Gate to Hell from Ruins in Turkey
  • Supreme Court of India Ordered Relocation of Endangered Asiatic Lions from Gujarat to MP
  • World’s biggest creature tracked by its song