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(Current Affairs) Civil Services Mentor: Science & Technology, Defense, Environment | May: 2013

Science & Technology, Defense, Environment

  • DNA as an Information Storage Device
  • India Ranked Third on the List of Spam Spewing Nation in the World
  • Uterine Contractions Explained through a Physical Model
  • Jeff Bezos Recovered Two Apollo Rocket Engines
  • Saturn V First-stage Rocket Engines
  • Natural Gas from Methane Hydrate
  • Huge Radio Galaxy Discovered
  • Web Observatory for Cybergazing
  • ISRO Launched SARAL and Six Other Satellites
  • Satellites Launched by PSLV-C20 Rocket
  • SARAL, the Unique Satellite
  • A Submerged Continent Found
  • Moles Sniff in Stereo, Experiment Shows
  • Middle East has lost 144 Cubic km of Sater
  • Detailed Heart Atlas Created
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Developing Largest Magnet of the World
  • 15 New Very Young Stars Named as Protostars Discovered
  • Antarctica needs MPAs
  • Higgs Boson Closer than Ever
  • Supervolcano Forming under the Pacific
  • ISRO Plans a New Highresolution Earth Satellite
  • Researchers Calculated Exact Distance to Our Closest Neighboring Galaxy
  • A Trial Drug Raises hope to Eradicate Malaria
  • Abundant Active Bacteria Community Discovered
  • First Smart phone into Space Launched Successfully From India
  • About STRaND-1 and Apps on Board
  • Raising the Bogey of Radiation
  • NASA’s Swift Satellite Discovered one of the Youngest known Supernova Remnants
  • Gases Work with Particles to Promote Cloud Formation