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Vajiram And Ravi Current Affairs Jan 2017 Download

Vajiram And Ravi Current Affairs Jan 2017 Download

Content :

1.1 World Braille Day
1.2 Performance on Health Outcomes Index by NITI Aayog
1.3 Swasthya Raksha Programme
1.4 Asia Pacific Countries Adopt Urban Plus Approach To Take Planning Beyond City Limits
1.5 Panel Recommends Reservation For Girls In IIT
1.6 Child Sex Ratio In Haryana Touches 900 Mark For The First Time Two Decades
1.7 World Hindi Day: 10th January
1.8 Expert Group On SECC Submitted Report
1.9 Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign
1.10 Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana
1.11 National Action Plan for Children, 2016
1.12 New Scheme For Promotion Of Rural Housing In The Country
1.13 Population Based Prevention, Screening And Control Programme For NCD
1.14 'ShaGun' - a Web-portal for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
1.15 Panel Formed To Look Into Haj Subsidy Issue
1.16 NITI Ayog Has Called For Review of RTE Act
2.1 Re-Promulgation Of Ordinances Is A Fraud On The Constitution, says SC
2.2 SC Held That Seeking Votes On Religious Basis Is A Corrupt Act
2.3 Colonial Criminal Tribes Denotified But Remain Unclassified
2.4 DGFT Has Banned The Import Of Exotic Skins
Aadhaar Made Mandatory For MNREGS Work
2.6 SC Made It Mandatory To Implement VVPAT In Electronic Voting Machines
2.7 SC Ordered The Govt. To Audit Nearly 30 Lakh NGOs And File A Compliance Report
2.8 SC Said That Giving Cash Instead Of Land To Farmers Who Lost Their Fertile Lands To The Mega Dam Project Is “Tentatively” Not Acceptable
2.9 Madras HC Observed That Talaq Certificates Issued By Chief Kazi Have No Legal Sancitity
2.10 EC Barred Important Public Officials From Hearing Public Appeals Till Polls
2.11 Why FM Radio Stations Aren’t Allowed To Broadcast News, Ask SC
2.12 Jallikattu Row
2.13 Delhi HC Said That Proximity Rule For Minority Schools Is “Unconstitutional”
2.14 Pvt. Unaided Schools Located On Land Allotted By DDA Need Govt. Nod Before Hiking Fees
2.15 RBI Has Turned Down EC’s Request To Enhance Cash Withdrawal Limit
2.16 SC Appointed Committee Of Administrators (CoA) To Oversee The BCCI
3.1 Inclusive Development Index 2017
3.2 N K Singh Panel Submits Reports On FRBM Act
3.3 Draft National Steel Policy 2017
3.4 Cabinet Approves Amendment In M-SIPS
3.5 Govt Approves Listing Of State-Owned General Insurance Companies
3.6 India Rejects Attempts Of EU, Canada For Global Investment Agreement
4.1 Israel-Palestine Issue
Current Affairs For 2017- Part 9 (January 2017) Page 3
4.2 Britain’s Stand On Brexit\
4.3 China’s White Paper On Asia Pacific Security Cooperation
4.4 Second Raisina Dialogue
4.5 Chagos Archipelago Dispute
4.6 International Sustainable Tourism Year
5.1 India-Kenya Relations
5.2 India-Rwanda
5.3 India-Portugal
5.4 Masood Azhar Blacklist Issue
5.5 Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) 2017
6.1 World Economic Forum (WEF) Summit
6.2 Human Rights Watch World Report 2017
6.3 Paris Peace Conference
6.4 ILO Released World Employement And Social Outlook
7.1 INS Khanderi
7.2 New Army And Air Force Chief Appointed
7.3 ED Launched Money Laundering Cases
7.4 India-France Sign ‘White Shipping Agreement’ 
8.1 Omega-3 Fatty Acid
8.2 JCVI Syn-3.0
8.3 Blister Packaging
8.4 GUaRDIAN( Genomics for Understanding Rare Disease, India Alliance Network) Project
8.5 Mesentery: A New Human Organ In The Digestive System
8.6 Ashalim Solar Power Station: World’s Tallest Solar Tower
8.7 Hyperloop
8.8 Mission Lucy and Psyche
8.9 Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope
8.10 Bedaquiline
8.11 3D Graphene
8.12 Highest Altitude Telescopes by China
8.13 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System
8.14 Minigrid and Microgrid
8.15 CNS Kaiyangxing or Mizar
8.16 Piperlongumine (PL)
8.17 Silicon Identified As ‘Missing Element’ In Earth’s Core
8.18 Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT)
8.19 Indian Model To Predict Impact Of Climate Change
8.20 Watson
8.21 A Sunspot With Centre Twice The Size Of Earth
8.22 Pinaka mark-II
8.23 Kirameki-2
8.24 Smart Glasses: Automatically Focusses What You See
9.1 Steep Decline In Ground Water Levels In Most States: Latest Report
9.2 Rs 6,000-Crore World Bank-Backed NGMIS Scheme Proposed To Manage Groundwater Resources
9.3 Delays Protection To Eco-Fragile Areas Of Uttarakhand Affected Due To Deadlock Between Environment And Water Ministries.
9.4 NBWL Gives Nod to Ken-Betwa Inter-Linking of Rivers Project
9.5 Use Of Deer Antlers In Ayurveda Medicines: Kerala To Seek Union Government’s Approval
9.6 Sowing App Helps To Increase The Yield By 30 Per Cent
9.7 Hope Island Becomes Graveyard For Olive Ridleys Turtles
9.8 Recent Wetland Notifications- Potential Threat: Environmentalists
9.9 Environment Ministry Notifies Graded Response Action Plan to Combat Air Pollution in NCR
9.10 NGT Orders Inspection Of Biomedical Waste Plants
9.11 African Elephant on the Brink of Extinction
9.12 Centre Decides To Ratify Of Kyoto Protocol
9.13 France Issues First 'Green Bonds' With Record 7 Billion Euro Sale
9.14 West Bengal to give legal protection to Hilsa Fish
Test Your Self :

       1.  Consider the following statements:

1.  World Braille Day is celebrated on January 4.

2.  Braille is a language which helps blind people to communicate with each other.

Correct option is:

a)  1 only b)  2 only

c)  Both 1 and 2

d)  Neither 1 nor 2

2.  Swasthya Raksha Programme” has been  launched  by which union ministry?

a)  Ministry of AYUSH

b)  Ministry  of  Drinking  Water  and Sanitation

c)  Ministry  of  Health  and  FamilyWelfare

d)  Ministry  of  Environment,  Forest and Climate Change

3.  Consider the following statements:

1.  Every year, the World Hindi Day is celebrated on January 10.

2. National Hindi Divas which is celebrated annually  on 14th November.

Correct code(s) is/are:

a)  1 only

b)  2 only

c)  Both 1 and 2

d)  Neither 1 nor 2

4.  Which of the statements are correct regarding Israel-Palestine conflicted areas?

1.  In 1967 Israel fought a war with Egypt, Syria and Jordan and acquired  the  West  Bank  and East Jerusalem from Jordan.

2.  Gaza is controlled by Hamas (an Islamist fundamentalist party) while Fatah ( Political party of Palestinians)  is  active  in  West Bank area.

a)  Only 1 b)  Only 2

c)  Both 1 & 2

d)  Neither 1 nor 2.

5.  Raisina Dialogue is a

a)  Intergovernmental conference.

b)  Dialogue  mechanism  for  South Asian countries.

c)  Annual conference organized by the  Ministry  of  External  Affairs and  an  independent  think  tank ORF (Observer research foundation) based in India.

d) United Nations climate change conference.

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Feature Article:




Traditionally, a plant breeder tries to exchange genes between two plants to produce offspring that have desired traits. This is done by transferring the male (pollen) of one plant  to  the  female  organ  of  another.  This  cross  breeding,  however,  is  limited  to exchanges between the same or very closely related species. It can also take a long time to achieve desired results and frequently, characteristics of interest do not exist in any related species.

GM technology enables plant breeders to bring together in one plant useful genes from a wide  range of living sources, not just from within the crop species or from closely related plants. This powerful tool allows plant breeders to do faster what they have been doing for years – generate superior plant varieties – although it expands the possibilities beyond the limits imposed by conventional plant breeding.

Thus, Genetically Modified crops (GM crops) are agrarian plants whose DNA has been modified by using genetic engineering techniques. It includes insertion into a plant’s genome one or several gene from another species of plant or even from a bacterium, virus or animal.  This is to inject desired traits such as resistance to certain pests, diseases, environmental conditions, herbicides etc.

Goals  like  increasing  nutritional  value,  bio-remediation,  better  yield,  production  of pharmaceutical agents, bio-fuels etc. are also achieved through Gene Manipulation.


US, Argentine, China, Mexico, Canada, and Australia were the first countries to plant GM crops in 1996. Of about 1.5 billion hectares of arable land worldwide, about 13 % (182 million hectares) were used to plant GM crops in 2014. Of these 182 million ha, 96.2 million hectares lie with the developing countries while 85.3 milllion hectares lie with developed countries. US leads the chart in GM adoption, with more than 90% of its corn, cotton, canola grown from GM seeds and about 70 % of its processed food containing GM ingredients. 28 countries globally cultivate GM crops today. Altogether 29 crops have been approved for commercialization globally.

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Courtesy: Vajiram And Ravi